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What's New at PSD?
Monday, January 8, 2018

Packaging Systems Design recently completed a turn-key installation and start-up for a customer in the Cincinnati, OH area. This project was completed for a prominent contract packaging company that provides packaging, warehousing and transportation services for some very large Fortune 500 companies around the country.

This customer completed a great deal of due diligence before selecting Wulftec equipment to replace Lantech equipment. They made the selection based upon many factors including the heavy duty design and construction of the Wulftec Stretch Wrappers and Conveyor. They were also impressed with the high level of electronic design and the components used. Wulftec uses the Allen Bradley 525 series of VFD's on all of their stretch wrappers and conveyors. Wulftec offers a 3 year warranty on all components, 10 year warranty on their ring gear bearing drive, 10 year warranty on their steel structure and a lifetime warranty on their no-cut, pre-stretch rollers. These are all industry bests. They're all commercially available parts on the Wulftec equipment and no proprietary parts. There are many features in the Wulftec HMI that make the system easier to operate and maintain which was appealing as well. All of these items were features in their decision to buy Wulftec.

The customer selected Packaging Systems Design, Inc. due to our availability to provide a turn-key installation and start-up which included mechanical instruction for the entire system, operator and maintenance training on all of the equipment and technical support after the sale.

This system included the following equipment:
  • (2) High speed rotating arm WCRT-200 stretch wrappers
  • (20) Semi-automatic load transfer stations including pop-up transfers that can be activated by the operator to transfer finished loads onto the trunk line
  • (2) Indexing turn tables to move loads from the trunk lines to each stretch wrapper
  • (2) Wrapper conveyor lines which include conveyor to hold 25 loads total before and after wrapping
  • (2) Automatic side seal Wulftec/Mallis pallet strappers
  • (1) 500 plus feet pallet conveyor run to connect and transfer pallet loads of product through 3 warehouse buildings

In total this system includes over 1000 feet of pallet conveyor which was all a part of our turn-key installation responsibility. This project was manufactured and installed under a highly expedited schedule. It was manufactured in 10 weeks by Wulftec, installed, started up and training was completed in 1 month while production continued. During this month PSD was also responsible to move an existing automatic orbital stretch wrapper and re-program it. This was also completed successfully within this same timeline while the installation was going on. Again, all of this was completed while production continued and existing equipment lines were being moved.

This project was very successful. The customer is extremely pleased with the equipment. It demonstrates the tremendous equipment that Wulftec manufactures including tremendous quality pallet conveyors and it shows their great ability to deliver a very large system in a condensed timeline. It also highlights the excellent technical service department of Packaging Systems Design. Our tech service department was under great pressure to execute this project on a very tight timeline and they delivered with great success.


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